28 percent of Tigard residents spend more than 50 percent of their household income on rent. Housing is a critical concern for many Tigard residents, and we need to ensure a variety of options to ensure residents can afford and maintain stable housing. In June of 2019 the City Council passed an Affordable Housing Plan. This is a multifaceted approach, offering housing options that reflects the needs and desires of Tigard residents as well as funding sources, tools and programs that remove development barriers, and preservation of Affordable Housing. I support and have voted for a diversity of housing structures in Tigard, including accessory dwelling units (ADUs), cottage clusters, and quad units. I also support affordable housing units offered to a section of our community below the median household income. Diverse price points across the community support families and build long-lasting communities.

Racial Justice

Our nation is going through a reckoning, and we can no longer stay silent. In Tigard, we are having important conversations on how we address inequity in our community. Tigard residents of color, including our Black community, have experienced racism. We cannot ignore this reality in our community, nor can we ignore the opportunity to create change. I’m committed to making Tigard a more welcoming, equitable community, and I support the Public Safety Advisory Board. These are tough, but necessary conversations to create change. Our Police Department in Tigard has done a great job and I’m happy with the extra assistance from the Police Levy passing to assist them in being able to do their jobs even better. There’s always room for us to improve though and I’m hoping this conversation assists us. The City is also working on an Anti-Racism Action Plan to review city-wide services to ensure we are serving all of Tigard’s residents equitably.


As the community has grown, so has the need for a sustainable transportation plan. I support the Complete Streets Vision, which takes a big-picture view for all road users to safely travel, including automobiles, public transportation, bikes, and pedestrians. To encourage alternatives to automobile use, we should work to ensure the safety of everyone using our transportation system. As a cyclist, driver, and pedestrian, I support the development of a safe network of streets, sidewalks and paths for all.

Community Engagement

We’re a stronger city because of the people who live here. I welcome all residents to be part of a transparent and accessible government, and will seek out increased citizen participation. Passing our budget is one of the most important actions we take as a city, as it sets the tone and priorities for the next fiscal year. I believe we have an opportunity to have the community more engaged in this process, and am currently working with Tigard’s Finance Director and City Manager to make that happen.

Strong Business Community

Tigard’s businesses provide local jobs, increase our tax base, serve our residents, and define our community’s character. Our business owners care about the community in which they live and work, and this has a positive impact on our community and local government. Having a strong small business economy is important, and I will work to help local businesses thrive in our community.


The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community on many levels. Whether working from home, serving on the frontlines, or dealing with the fallout of a layoff or furlough, Tigard residents have faced many challenges in these unprecedented times. As the economic consequences of the pandemic began to emerge, I supported our CARES (Commercial Assistance & Relief for Economic Stability) program, which provided funding for utility relief for households struggling with unemployment; I also supported business assistance through grants or access to loans though our RAFT (Resident Aid Fund of Tigard) program. However, this only begins to bridge the gap until our economy can be rebuilt. I support continued assistance on the federal and state level, including unemployment and rental assistance, an eviction moratorium, and assistance for businesses. Please reach out to me if you need help finding an assistance program.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most important issues that we are facing as a nation. As someone about to welcome a new daughter into this world, I regularly reflect on what kind of planet we are leaving to the next generation. I pledge to review city policies through a climate change lens: How can we lower our carbon footprint and continue to value the land we inhabit? It’s imperative we make changes now to protect our planet for future generations.

Parks and Recreation for All

Our beautiful green space is one of the many reasons I am proud to call Tigard home. I love walking and running with my dogs through the parks and nature areas. Parks and recreation systems have never been more important than today – the outdoors have become our escape for physical and mental health. I will work side-by-side with community members and stakeholders to develop Tigard’s Parks and Recreation 10 Year Master Plan develop new parks within walking distance for all residents, preserve the space for future parks in Tigard Triangle and River Terrace, and support the expansion of outdoor green spaces.

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