Councilor Heidi Lueb: Proven Leadership for All of Tigard

Heidi Lueb was appointed to the Tigard City Council in January of 2019 to fulfill the remaining term that was open by Jason Snider, who was elected to Mayor. Her appointment was unanimously approved by Tigard City Council members. She came in with little government experience and worked hard since her appointment to understand the issues facing Tigard and has reached out to residents to discuss their concerns. As a Tigard City Council member, she has tackled many of the the issues facing residents of our community. In addition to serving as a member of the Budget Committee, Heidi has worked for Tigard as a liaison to the Library Board, Parks and Recreation Board, Water Advisory Board, the Audit Committee, and the Urban Renewal Funding Selection Subcommittee.

Heidi and her husband, Brian have been proud Tigard residents since 2016. They chose Tigard as a place to start their family, and welcomed their daughter in October 2020. She is focused on honoring Tigard’s rich past while looking toward a future that highlights the priorities of the community.

Heidi & Elizabeth Voting

“We’re at a really great place to launch the kind of community we want Tigard to be. There are big decisions facing the Council moving forward – everything from what should the updated Tigard Triangle looks like, how can we continue to grow in a thoughtful way that includes all community members through Affordable Housing, what do we want our Police Safety to focus on, and how can we make Tigard a more welcoming and equitable place for all residents. I’m excited to dig in and continue to work for all of Tigard residents.”
-City Councilor Heidi Lueb

What are people saying about Heidi?

“Heidi has been an asset to the Tigard City Council these past two years. She has brought a new perspective, contributed to the accomplishments of the Council and has a strong vision of what she wants to accomplish for Tigard in the future.” Jason Snider, Mayor of Tigard

“Heidi Lueb is a passionate and organized member of our community. She brings Tigard City Council a young and fresh point of view. One that has a goal of moving our community forward and closer together. Her financial background lends her ability to look at both the big picture and the minute details, while her outgoing personality helps her connect with community members on a personal level.” – Stephanie Veal, Audit Committee Member

“Heidi Lueb has been an excellent city councilor for Tigard. She is intelligent, thoughtful, and she does her homework. I am proud to support her in this campaign.” – Ben Bowman, TTSD School Board Vice-Chair

“I endorse Heidi Lueb for Tigard City Council. Ms. Lueb is diligent, hard-working, respectful and attentive to her constituents, and committed to the wellbeing of our community. As a city, we are very fortunate to have her as a member of our Council. I urge you to join me in voting for Heidi Lueb on November 3rd.” – Thomas Murphy, Town Center Advisory Commission Vice-Chair

“In these difficult times, it’s critical that we have strong leadership to help guide our city and that’s why I support Heidi Lueb for city council.  She works hard to engage with Tigard residents and advocates for all people.  Heidi seeks out different points of view, weighs the options and makes thoughtful decisions.  She’s approachable, engaged and genuinely committed to making Tigard a great place to live.” – Kate Rogers, Levy & Bond Task Force Member, Town Center Advisory Commission Chair

“I support Heidi Lueb for Tigard City Council. She has shown a real commitment to improving the quality of life during her time on the Council. She has demonstrated that she has the interest and energy to identify the important issues that need to be addressed and has worked collaboratively with others to determine the appropriate solutions. As the current Council liaison with the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board she has been a strong supporter of maintaining and expanding Tigard’s recreation programs. She has also supported the need for increased maintenance staff to keep pace with our expanding park system.” – Wayne Gross, Parks and Recreation Board Chair

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